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Our multidisciplinary skills allow us to provide integrated solutions in a varriety of industries.

Passion for
Art, Design & Manufacture

About us

Stratis is a Greek Industrial Design Agency that helps companies and individuals alike with Product Design Solutions. Since our founding in 2022, STRATIS has enabled Companies and Induviduals around the world to find high quality personalised product design solutions.

Who are we?

Dedicated and passionate about the prosess of design and the art of realisation.

Industrial Design Services


We start with defining the Project Brief. We create a mind map of ideas and insights to define the product and conduct market and user research to gain insights. We deliver a summary presentation of the  insights & inspiration we have gathered so far. 


Based on the findings and directions of the previous step, we start sketching and conceptualising possible solution, moreover we create rough 3D models that comunicate our concepts in a creative but organised way. We deliver a creative and insigtfull presentation with creative 2D and 3D renders. Here you may pick the concepts you wish to move forward. 


The chosen design concepts are systematically explored, and modeled in a 3D CAD system with high detail based on the requirements of the selected manufacturing technology. Moreover we conduct CMF study (Colors, materials and Finishes) that will define the final concept. We then deliver a detailed presentation of the final design placed in real life situations by generating photorealistic renders.


The technical phase begins where we produce working prototypes for testing that allow us to make last call adjuctments. We create detailed technical drawings for the manufacturer to read and move your design in to production. 

Studio Services

3D Modeling
We develop your idea in 3D computer graphics.In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical coordinate-based representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a simulated 3D space.

3D Printing

3D Printing can be used to build your 3d model layer by layer. 3D Printing is good for replacement parts, decotative and or usefull items, as well as personalised designs and gifts. 


Computer numeric control or CNC is a process of machining by Computer. Usually, we can perform many machine operations using computerized technology—for example, lathe cutting, milling, drilling, 3D cutting, shaping, etc
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